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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Title: supression

you echo in my soul
awaken forgotten spirits
and I try to be something, something to you
but when I mean not a thing
what is it you suggest that I do?

and I'm running in circles
doubting myself
questioning my morals
and it's all because I want to mean something to you
something to you

Chorus: a little bit of my mind confides dark stories
narrated in the voice of you
and I'm drowning in the brightest oceans
my vessel damaged from years of unnoticed need
and no
I can never have it all
but all I wanted was to mean something to you

and I can't stand this
suppressing myself to feel better for you
take advantage of my skin
use up my last touch
until I'm gone, gone, gone
never enough for you
never close to good enough for you


ending: and it's a relief to have spoken
to have finally told
the blending chaos in my heart
unravelled and sprayed in mould
for I ache and I grow old
waiting for you to realise

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