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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: yours truly

I'm a second till I'm numb
and it's a riot in this bedroom
your eyes locked onto my movement
and you won't stay anymore
we're half different, half afraid
it'll only tear me inside
and what's given
can't be returned
the cards are in our hands

that's the end of innocence
giving it up, never giving up you
the end of what never began
I'd give it up, giving it up for you
and I'm beat down by the dullest light
you catch my breath
and your voice simmers inside

Chorus: how far away am I from being in?
how long will you remain with me tonight?
and it's the end of innocence
the catchment of deluded beauty
it's ours, for now
and I see no flaws but the sweetest ending
overdue, your departure
please don't leave me now
not now that we've become

and you're somewhat elusive
to my everlasting stray hands
and it's something I'll never know
the doubt that lingers

you leave my skin wandering
through tranquil pure skies of the warmest shade of you
and you leave me craving
craving nothing other than words from your lips


ending: and it's better now
not that I'd ever be aware
to be yours, to be yours truly
it's the end of innocence
the remains of what we know

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