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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Burn out

I roll my eyes at the art of conversation
I've yet to meet you and I've already fallen for your emotions
I don't know, I don't know why
if I knew the answers, darling
I'd be long gone, long gone

wrap me up in toxicity from your breath
you're the only one who's ever wanted me
I could think of a thousand reasons why
I don't believe in you, you and I

Chorus: light me up watch me burn out
this pain will be everlasting
until we depart, I've yet to know why
and I'm grasping onto your frail bones
how do you mean, you're not coming back?
I've called you countless times
I've never been the one who's caught your attention

I'm waiting for the day
until I know you inside out
like the back of my hands
maps covered in scars
I hang myself heavy for your eyes
and I'd hope that you'd say that you love me
I'd hope that I meant anything
but it turns out just as I thought
we remain, we remain
and you break a solid piece of my heart


ending: and hold on
what did you say that for?
you know I'm too fragile for any words of false beauty
and what do you take me for?
your constant disappointment
I'm afraid your right, darling

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