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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Closer, already

I don't know why you come here
every time I am reminded
of what it was we used to be like
and all of the good things that we used to know
I know that you're not expected to go on second guessing
but with me darling, doubts are for the best

I don't want you coming here
any closer than you think you already are
I can't have you staying here
every time I see your eyes
I want to wonder your mind
discover your intentions
and I know you don't want to be pretending
but with me darling, doubts are the for the best

Chorus: and when you're with me, sweetheart
I don't believe that there is anybody else
you provide to me constant confusion
a jigsaw of emotions
tightly tied at my feet
buried softly in my heart
and it's what makes me strong
unlike the undesired passion that makes you weak

and I don't want you coming here anymore, darling
any closer than you want to be
I can't have you staying here
I am nothing, nobody important
I am full of false hope
I expect but you'll always accept
whatever is offered, second best


ending: and I'm in a condition
over used and under appreciated
and if you come any closer, darling
I'll leave you with nothing other than disappointment

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