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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Bitter Blood

It's the power of not knowing
where this could possibly lead us to
we're both full of doubt
so sick and tired of leaving without a tender kiss
and I see you changing from day to day
you're getting older, so much colder
somewhat embarrassed by words I say

and I'm far away from you
I can't force you to love me
I can't pretend those long lost words speak softly from your lips
I'll try my hardest to surrender to you
I'll try my hardest to be better to you
but darling, what I am, is no more than a self-destructing wreck

Chorus: I sink sharply
to be hollow for you
and I turn off the lights
I turn down the best of us
I turn down the voices in my head
it's the consistent distraction
so lay down with me
I'll speak no false words
hold me tight, don't mislead me

If you don't
I can't make you
I can't make your heart feel like I'm home
and it's all up to you
hear me in the dark, sweetheart
my final words to you
I lay my heart down
and I sink so sharply
to be a sweeter taste for you


ending: bitter blood seeps through my pores
and I'm no longer where you want me to be
and I can't make you want me
I can't force you to feel anything other than reality
and lay down with me
I'll speak my last words
full of hope and faith
that after you, there'll be a perfect world

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