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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Only ever

Never what you wanted
my foolish heart filled with wine
I could be yours, but I'm not even close to such intentions
and all of me is ready
and all I've got is everything I can give to you

and here we go again
I've wasted my fractured breath on delicate disasters
and it's for you, another man to come home to
another day, in another way, I'll be what you want
and you'll love me too

Chorus: You're only ever a heartbeat away
you're tied down to my mind, to what my blood flow conveys
and I lust for you, I crave you
and I've really fooled myself this time, sweetheart
I've pushed myself right into all that is not mine
my foolish heart marinated in toxic sorrow
and I'll drown, I'll drown, until it's you that I find

do I even mean something to you?
if not a lot, a little?
coherent memories weighed down like treasure in my mind
and it's home I've found

I'm moving slow
heart rate decreasing now
and these hands they quiver
my love grows old
but I will wait for you, darling
I seem to wait for everything that has gone


ending: and here we go again
another day, wasted in sighs of heavy heartbeats
I'll wrap myself up in moments of reminiscence
anything to be a little bit closer to you
a fool to have drifted

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