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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Title: S(w)tay

You won't change
I will remain
the stages of your smile
drifts through my eyes and sways my body
and I want you here

but it's alright now
lonely once more
I hate being alone as much as I despise being with you
and if anybody wants to know
I love that I'm home
and I tried to fix, to fix, to fix what's not broken
you still carry me

Chorus: I failed to keep the oceans clear
the pull of your body close to me
and you're watching me
restless and immobile
I lay my gaze on you closely
as your depth of breath trails in sighs of me
and you waste away
in rivers of my eyes flow
you still carry me

you won't change
I will remain
the phases of your touch
spread through my veins and sway my body


ending: you carry me
you carry me
standard intolerant
you still stay

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