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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Title: Chances

I take back every breath I spent on you
I sold my heart to a man who I once knew
and I'm no longer hungry for you
darling, I made it through another night all alone
I've never been prepared for misery
I'm in such an awful state

yet it's so nice to see you
you want to feel the pound of your heart as we brush hands
and to me you are something
but nothing important
and to you I am everything
but something forgotten

Chorus: give me the chance
even if for just one night
to be yours to be held to feel alright
and give me the chance to be somebody
give me the chance to feel anything more than numb
kisses laced in toxic emotions
darling, you kiss me so softly
you kiss me so tightly
you give me another chance
to be another girl

we move so fast
drift on through one another
phases of encounters overlooked
but all I want to know is
can I be anything, can I feel what warmth of a body can bring

I perceive you and I as a figment of my imagination
layered in golden heat as we come close
this is what makes us envelop
we intertwine in all the thoughts we take as an overdose


ending: and in my daydreams, you are made of gold
I pause your volume in conversation and you're mine to hold
so give me the chance, another time, I promise the last
to be something, to feel anything
and I'll promise to kiss you so tightly, darling
so give me the chance

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