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Friday, 21 December 2012

Title: Something, you are my.

you are my something
I'm not quite aware of what it is yet
but I'm in love with feeling so down
and you are my something when the light is dark
and I've been wondering
and feeling so lost

heavy treads on my heart in your feather footprints
but then you came
you are my something
unaware of what you are yet
but you get me denying
any sense or remainder of sanity
rotating inside this lonely state of mine

chorus: all I can do is push push push, push push
yourself away from me
close to me
long lost fantasies outlived by human interaction
and you are my something
I'm denying this feeling
it locks my mind down
ties my soul into my veinless body

wounds leak nothing for you
I improve myself
I'm better by you
I lay restless
my lust spreads like fire in my blood
travels through the very depths of emotions to be more to you


ending: tied down
you are my something
finally feels right now
you are my something

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