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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Title: Perpetuity

We're in harmony
marinated in lies of truth
and you soak me in
and here we are
voices, suddenly growing louder
our understanding tearing through hands to hold each other

we osculate until there's nothing left of us
and I seek in empty sheets
I breathe in what sadness weeps
unexpectedly we start over
picking up wherever it was we began

Chorus: everlasting love
you rush through my body
crawl from my mind to my soul
you remain still, settled
yet I still sleep alone
abundance of thirst for your touch
but these hands I own provide nothing other than misfortune

I let it go
and we initiate
the kindle in your eyes
tells me all that I need to know
and this is what it feels like, to have
to own


ending: intentions unknown
bodies colliding near
and this is what it is like
to have, to own, to feel
everlasting love

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