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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Could still be

And I love him but it's not right
to be held back by a love so light
and it weighs me down
brings me to my weakened knees
when I fall I fall hard, I crash
and you take it all
I start over again

you've got a second chance
you could have left
but I'm irrelevant
to what you're after
and it's just that
nothing important
I'll never be of any value to you

Chorus: you could still be what you said you would be
when I met you
when I fell hard into your sorry arms
you've got a warm heart, cold hands
you're disintegrating into my disappointing ways
and you constantly fade
but burn brighter than any star I've seen before
and you could have left
but you said you had no choice
no choice but to wait
for me

you told me it's too late
it's over now
I took my time
but we could still be what we want to be
you told me a thousand soft lies when you met me


ending: and you could still be all that you want to
without me
me, an additional disaster to your unfortunate hands

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