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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Purity of attachment

I want to forget but most times I don't
I want to let go but with you I just can't
and I know that I won't
but to be apart, even if for a day
I promise I'd miss you
and my heart will truly ache

the purity of attachment
filtered through by blends of subtle sadness
it's a mystery this is my destiny
it lies in the hands that didn't let me free
and I lay next to you
in a humid haze
and it's the purity of it all
you and I
never departed

Chorus: you're evasive
I close my eyes I awake
in an empty and cold state
and the mystery now is of me and you
I open my eyes and I'm no longer next to you
and I lie, in the hands that loved me

I want to recall all the words you said
the way your eyes held back what you really meant
and it's the way your skin shade faded each time you spoke through stiff lips
and I can't suffer then
any longer


ending: I run forever more, to you
it's the purity of attachment
there's no need to explain
there's nothing to even say
your eyes said it all

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