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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Darling

I just want you closer
I just want you for tonight
sail away with me, darling
for the mind shreds my thoughts every day
I just need to know that I'm something to you
make me aware of what it is you want
what your intentions are, if any
and I want to hold you, now

and you're howling at my face
speaking words of betrayal
and all the times that I thought I'd tasted love
you came close to what I thought I'd never have
and darling, if you're here with me now
I've never needed you so bad

Chorus: you're crawling around my head
and I need you more than ever tonight
my heart remains in between your teeth
gripped tightly by exhausted lungs
your heavy heart weighs my youthful mind down
and you're so fucked up, darling
the lack of explanations leaves me filled with fear
but, I've never needed you so badly
how did it come to this?

the remains of you and I
lightly salted in heavy breaths
the remains of you and I
soaked and marinated in false love
and this is what the result of departure is
my heart remains in between your teeth


ending: what will be, will be
this is the remains of you and I
and oh fuck, darling
I needed you so badly tonight

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