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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Armour

You took my heart but not my mind
this battles lost, the one of you and I
 and yet I confide in you
and your gentle eyes lead me through these darkened nights
where numbness fades and you return

and everything is everything
no explanation required whenever I'm buried in you
 in the darkness I meet my creators
and in a pure dream they'll be my suffocators
and then I'll be beautiful
floating through your mind like a forgotten ache

Chorus: lay down your armour
no need to pretend or to fight me anymore
I've been wondering about us
we should start a war
and we're alright
we won't last forever
but what I'd give to be in your arms another hour
but I'm over you
this time won't be the last time
repetition my most consistent lover
and you lay down your armour
you lay down your love, your warmth, your all

I don't need anybody
I don't need anyone
I just need you to be there when I walk through the door
I'll stumble into you
and you'll be ready to lose yourself
I'll be ready to pick the pieces up
when the sun rises and our lust departs


ending: and I'm over you
this time won't be the last time
lay down your armour, lay down your love
your warmth, your all

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