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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Title: Song for him.

In constant doubt
oh darling, I've been in love with you for years
pushed away by the fear of disclosure
but with you I'm so open
thrown into tides of you and me
our minds collide
and we both know
we're far too different to ever be

you're lusting after somebody else
and I cried for eternity
in every dream I'm forever tossed around in the dark
thrown by winds of distraction and fury
and I can't do this any longer
and now you should know

Chorus: attachment so pure and beautiful
this feeling of jealousy tears my bones through my skin
and every breath I take pierces right through me
but darling, can't you see?
it's all for you, all yours, always
but you'll never believe it

I'm aware she's a lot kinder than me
a lot lighter than me
me and my heavy heart
sewn tightly by rhymes for you

you're all around
tucked tightly into my every dream
and I can't have it all
no I can't even have you
not even close
not even a little


ending: I can no longer be weighed down by you
no longer be trapped by your touch
and she's all that you want
I refuse to be compared to something I'm not
and it's all for you
although I'll never be the provider
of that kind of love

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