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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Title: Stare you down. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And the bullet hit my back
like the wise words of wisdom
there is no turning back,
the foolish heart it weighs me down

gentle fear I sense your presence,
it's like an anchor on my ship,
and I feel like this isn't going to be easy,
when you're all I can sense

Chorus: Take me down, down
to where the other girls lay,
I've been ever so foolish,
with the words I never say
and you cut the rope and set me free,
but my soul it never left me
and you pull me back to where I was,
a foolish heart thrown upon the sea

In real adventures they have fun,
but we are lost inside our minds,
we've no time left to run,
we'd only be running from ourselves
and the troubles our tails,
and you fall to the floor oh so frail,
and I've been here before,
so I'll leave you, I'll leave you once more


And in wise tales there are two people,
thrown together in a mix of emotions,
and in wise tales they win,
we're constantly swimming for the youthful motions

ending: And oh,
I'll be staring you down,
if I ever see your face in the light of day,
and oh,
I'll be staring you down,
with the foolish look, and the words I'll never say

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