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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Title: AA. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And if I were to disappear, I'd pray that you'd come find me
laid upon the depths of my dark heart,
I'll bring you closer, we've only a few seconds to make things right

I was hoping that you didn't believe everything they said,
and your humor it grows on me,
and we built a home inside our escape, but you never really saw it through

Chorus : And you, the constant waiting for a sign
the day brings you light, but the darkness burns bright in my eyes
and I've longed for the smell of your hair, the embrace of your flaws
and all this time, we'll always be on our own
and all this time, we might as well close our eyes and draw the lines,
as we'll always be all alone

I wouldn't dare think twice,
for a magnificent moment in your arms,
but I'll always be all alone,
the realisations and doubts then burn in the fire,
and we remain stone cold

The constant compromise,
the bitter feelings of the beginning of tomorrow,
I've consistent remorse directed at you,
I've an abundance of silver feelings, brought brand new


Until daylight, I've longed for the smell of you
the tender linger of your hands, the way our skin can touch
and is it really too much, too much to ask for
to never be all alone?

ending: Too much time of my own is spent on doubting you,
and you promised we'd never be on our own,
and after all this time, we might as well close our eyes
and dream of a world where we're all alone

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