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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Movement. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Caught up in this dream,
you're pulled apart at the seams
you carry happiness oh so well,
but I can tell, you're not happy at all
you're just content with yourself

Imagine all the colours that you'd see if you looked at the world from a different perspective,
and I'm going blind from temptations,
I'm falling too fast on this curse, don't mind me saying how nice you are, in what you do
and I'll sleep on ugly dreams where the skies are a constant grey,
and your friends have all moved away,
and I'm going blind from temptations

chorus: I'm moving away, towards brighter ideas
and so some say, it's all for the best
fortune come so easy to those who dream it,
I'm looking for you, looking for you
and my fortune comes after you,
I'm looking for you, looking for you

Capture me in a thousand words or less,
there's more wonderful things to digest,
like the way that the birds sing in the morning,
the midnight power takes its toll on our eyes
but the stars look so beautiful when the world feel so still

and you look at me and I know it's time to go,
the summer leaves never drag down any sorrow on us
and it's all just a union, it's always you and me
you've got the worries of the world sat upon your shoulders,
and the devil told you to play with the world


ending: Carry me away in the words you say,
you speak them so softly,
your voice so tender upon my gentle heart,
I'll absorb them like the night sky on the intoxicated,
and the memories of us play like laughter from the park where we'd play

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