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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: Lay it all down (your body) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And we'd love to reach for the skies above,
when life becomes just a little twisted and dark,
and you my love, have a sensible heart
and when it no longer rains, it always seems to pour
the happiness you hoped for is washed away with the morning light

so save those knife like words,
for someone else's skin,
the surface of yours is too tough,
it won't ever break in,
the fading glow you used to wear to brightly
swept away with the sudden rush of cold winds

chorus: and maybe, next time will be the right time
and maybe, next time will be my time
oh for so long I have hoped for a moment,
a moment of your time,
the essence of your presences is all too much for this remorseful mind

Come close, lay it all down next to me
I can tell you've never done this before,
it lies heavy upon your skin,
I've been hoping to tell you something
so stay close, remain next to me
I need to feel important

I'm holding on, the wait of my life
then you leave and you walk away from me
you return as if you had no affect on me at all
and it's in your eyes, I know now why I no longer believed
in any word that combined two people sourced from loneliness and urgency
and now it's so plain to see,
once again my dear,
it's the way you treated me


And you've never been one to be consistent,
you've a thousand excuses, all hiding at the tip of your tongue
I'm used to being loved, and being left
a feeling that has only ever been said,
the strength of my life, drained from carrying on without you near

ending: You did me proud, through consistent errors
you never learnt how to love, and I never loved to learn
and maybe, you could save my life,
and maybe you could make things right this time round

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