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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Nothing for you anymore. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And there's no love for you here,
and you carry doubt like a weight across your mind,
the feelings aren't right, and you're never one for optimism
all the sweetness is left upon some other streets,
miles away from where you'll always be

so I see the way you appear,
and hopefully some day soon,
I won't have to solve this mystery,
how you left me here
how I loved you, dear

chorus: and now there's nothing left to share,
where did it all go? it withered away
and your love went stale,
you never put in everything you had,
and everything I gave was never good enough,
where did it all go? the love in my soul for you

The cold air was once filled with all of your promises,
you lack courage and wisdom, so you fall through the fear
I never really picked you out, you just sort of appeared
I made too many assumptions, some too idiotic for you to be anywhere near
and there's no love in my soul for you,
and I know where it all goes,
it's in the bottom of the ocean,
with all the nostalgic sorrows


ending: and there's no warmth for you here anymore
my body tied down to the ocean floor,
you couldn't help if you really tried,
there's no love for you here, anymore
save your tears for someone who doesn't doubt you're something more

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