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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: A part of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When I waited for you,
there was no shoulder to cry upon,
made myself so fully untrue,
how could I not know?
how much easier it is to lie,
 lie in your arms

The last time I was told we had it all,
it was only me and you,
I thought I knew what you were all about,
and now there's no more chances,
I'm gone, gone, gone

Chorus: You used to preserve everything,
you were my life and soul,
what ever happened to who I know?
you've no idea how much of a fool I've become,
a lover on your terms, a lover just for fun
don't you ever say you waited for me,
because the only time you cared
happened to be when you were down
down in the darkness of your soul

Assumptions are sometimes right,
thanks to you I'll always believe this until I'm proved wrong,
you left me with no choice but to be wrapped up in my shadows,
I've heard enough of your tales, they're always a story that came from my mind
you'll always look uninterested unless there's a body with your favorite coloured eyes


ending: I'm gone, gone, gone
I've had plenty of your time,
wouldn't want to be a part of you anymore,
I'm not sad, I'm dignified
because I knew you all along
this is goodbye

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