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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Title: The flight of us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Don't spoil me,
with your words of false promise,
Don't build me up,
just to pull and push me down,
I'm tired of, constant compromises
they aren't fun

Hold me up against the ground,
your violence buries me and I've found,
you're the light and love inside my mind,
the joy that burns so deeply

Chorus: Set me free or let me go,
my hearts yours to keep, but I'll let you know
there's an essence of love within your hands,
they hold me close, they understand
so set me free or let me go,
I'm not one to stay, I told you so

I'd love to love you so tender,
but my mind throws repulsive words,
I've never learnt how to love,
but I'll show you what I'm made of


Ending: So set me free,
or let me go,
my soul it left,
a while ago,
and I'm stuck inside an empty corpse,
the tides they bring us oh so close

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