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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Title: Happiness never left your arms. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And if I could shake this abundance of emotion I would
if I could break your heart, I'd break your heart like you did to me
and if I could seek your inner self and wrap it round my soul,
I waste all my time writing you love songs when you don't love me
you're all too familiar when it feels so wrong, you're just lonely
and you say goodbye when the time is oh so right for you
you've never been one to meet others needs, it's all a haze of blue
it's all a love so brand new

And in another life I would be your girl
everything would be so
in another life I would be your girl
and everything would be so
and in another way I would make you stay
without the tender words I am constantly in need to say

Chorus: So you hold me back,
and never let me go,
you've been here before, and I've seen this show
you're too used to feeling solo, so low
so you hold yourself back,
you hear the words but it's already history,
so please won't you let it go, make us in less of a misery

and it's written on the walls,
the girl you love is me no more
and it's tied down with your words,
this passion you so purely live for
it never really saw your world

and it's left in your eyes,
whenever I have to leave your side,
the darkness sinks inside,
and it's whenever I'm in your presence


we'll walk, away from all of this
we'll talk into the morning hours and it'll all feel alright
as long as we have one another, it goes back to the beginning, every time
and we'll say it to each other one more time, we'll do something else with ourselves

and we're sinking then swimming,
this life is never consistent, not when happiness is always in your arms
and your mind leaves such disaster that my body can so smoothly swallow


ending: And we'll walk, then talk into the morning hours
the light never left our souls and we're here for the distant memories to devour
because when happiness is in your arms, why should I ever have to leave?
and when happiness is inside your arms, why should I ever have to leave?

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