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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Title: And would you feel good? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I can't forget it,
I often visit the tracks,
I know you regret it, love
you told me so, in the bitterness of your tongue
but my eyes still wander, and wonder why

You left with my dignity,
take your hands off of her,
you're the only one that I could ever love,
you left with so many traces,
but no escape,
and I found you in the night sky

Chorus: I can't erase this, it's all a pattern in my memory
I can't rephrase this, love
so I think of it all of the time,
it's going out of my mind, and I don't run to you
why'd you speak to her that night?
you've the power to make bodies look nice
but you left me bleeding, a bleeding mistake

I grasp my skin so I feel alive,
I chase the feeling but your presence was never real,
you make him happier faster than I ever could,
did she give you everything you hoped for?
everything you wanted?
did this all make you feel good? knowing how much I loved you?

and in the night sky you both look lovely,
I hope that made you feel good,
I'll remain forever shyly in love,
for you've never been the one who would
and you could of carried me away into the morning light,
but you never really had the strength and I never believed that you could


ending: And if I made you feel better than she ever could,
would it feel good, would it feel good?
would you feel good?

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