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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: A shade of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And it's all for you,
the effort the backlash of luck,
and it's all for you,
the essence of a previous love,
it's drifting into our pores, and it's the provider of all of my flaws
and it's all for you,
all for you

and you set the fire in me, you see
it's constant doubt you have in me,
it's like I've learnt how to breathe, easily
it's just you, you're not going to leave
I know it can't be easy for you,
but you set it all up for me,
you set this fire in me

chorus: Light the match we'll burn a beautiful mistake,
you're not really into long term happiness,
so we should go down to the sea,
the calmness of the shore will wash this all over
the tides will bring us a new love, a certainty so sober

and you're like my sugar, man
won't you hurry, I'm tired of these scenes
please bring back the colour to my dreams,
and I've sailed the northern skies for you
I bring you hope, you bring me love
what more is there to do?

I'm coming home again,
to find you pressed against a familiar bed,
with my mind to let me see,
I've been waiting for this moment,
I've been hoping for you and me

You're the only thing that's ever been constant, in such a short term shindig
and no matter how much you want me, I could always make you want me more
you're the only constant happiness, apart from down by the shore


ending: And I'm coming home again,
and I know you'll meet me with your arms,
a greeting so unfamiliar but precious in this moment
I'll make you love me more,
and yes it's true this time away left me rather blue,
a shade of you

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