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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Title: Let you go. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're constantly wearing me down,
the compliments are being thrown around,
your eyes they tell a different truth,
a side to you that I've never known

You say you feel everything,
but emotionless you pull the strings,
and I'm in fear of your power,
I'm in awe of your hours spent,
losing it all, your sanity

Chorus: You've lacked courage before,
spent many days in doubt and more,
and you've to prove me wrong,
but you could do with a little more love
and I am here, to show you the world through my eyes

So don't pull me down to shore,
I'm here to be your friend and more,
it's what you need,
you're not aware of what you wanted, till now
and till now you've lacked love


The scars you wear upon your face
the lack of certainty you so surely talk of
I read it upon your lips, in the way the colour of your eyes change
there's something deep inside of you, telling you to stay


ending: I don't want to have to let you go,
I'll let you remain as good as you could ever be,
I doubt your verbal insanity has any reasoning,
I don't ever want to have to let you go,
I'll let you remain, I'd wish for you to say those words,
but here still I am.

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