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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Twists of fate. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

What can I give to make you stay?
you're the only thing that keeps the devils at bay,
and when you're the stormy weather,
the day never passes too swiftly,
I'm imagining all the drama, like in the films
it runs through my mind, all the hard times
and how you'd be there

remorse swims with you,
none of your friends truly stick around,
and we'll cast this curse on the foolish girls
and everything's all brand new,
the discovery of me and you
me and you

chorus: Je pense que, you're the one I need
and imagine what all the people would have to say,
mon amis, mon amis
and the discretion has always failed with you and I,
we're fortunate to have this thing called luck,
we're fortunate to have suffered from lust, lust

A twist of fate, you're stuck with me
a swift impulse of love, we're fortunate
A twist of fate, you're stuck with me
a swift act of impulse, love is just a word we knew

and people never have anything nice to say,
their tongues speak dirty letters, the knowledge self-abused
and your cares weigh more than a thousand bones
and you never have anything to say
and I like it that way
I like you this way

and you're the creator of divine disasters,
the master of all beautiful chaos,
and I'd say this is forever after,
but I've rather be your friend than your love


ending: And the nice words are a constant smile from your tongue,
and the promises you'd wish you'd say are a kiss from my lips,
and we'll drag each other down, down
it's what we do, we're just kids

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