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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: My only love. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You pick out the best in me,
my body, splattered in flaws,
I tried to forget you, but you hide under every inch of my skin
I never fear, you're always close behind

My only love,
I'll follow miles behind you,
I'd never leave without you,
I know I've just been one of your various parts,
but there's more than what meets the eye,
I've let myself go, and I'm letting you know

Chorus: So lay me down,
beside your love
the only passion I've ever felt,
I sank whilst you kept swimming,
I'd take my life to stay in your head
in the back of your mind I'd hope I'd play
the sweet melody of stories I'd tell you
I can reach you

My body speaks of language my tongue has never spoken,
your hands reach the corners of my mind, I've never feared,
you're always close behind,
my only love,
I'd never leave with you

I doubt your luck weighs heavy
but with your minds flight so light it's easy to carry,
your heart wishes for another lover, but you're not one to forget
the reminiscence of our years together play through your mind
it's only the beginning of the beautiful haunting soul, I, took my life to stay in your head


ending: My only love,
bury me within your soul,
I tried to call but you were never here at all,
just a face I once felt, a touch I'd forever fall for

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