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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Silver Rays. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You switch off the lights,
your true self it shines so bright,
but you're full of it, you're full of it
you shuffle a dream inside this nightmare,
you hide behind your shades so you can admire the girls that you'd like
you've got nothing to lose, if you wanted to you could choose
you make all this noise, you follow the sounds and never your heart
it steals your soul, so you look away

you act so superior, the way you talk through your lips
you've always lacked intelligence in words you never fail to say,
if you wanted a girl, that's the question

chorus: there's no need for being intellectual,
if you like, if you like
there's no need for all these snide things, all the hiding
if you like me, if you like me
and with you I feel like I'm on a high,
and when you're more than a kisses length away, the fear I can't describe
you blew it, the chance you never had

as light as a feather, your mind fades away
your strength was never here and that makes you stay,
you're the stranger I've always wondered why I dreamed of,
I'd rather be your lover than any other,
to cool you down, after all this rain has passed

and you are,
silver rays,
a tropical flow,
the emotion wraps and eats my soul,
but you're clueless,
you've never listened at all,
the words I feared to say, you just blew me away


grab the crown like another girl,
pretend you care for a couple of hours, then
run her down, run her down
you've the soul but your lacking the power
you play the game but you're playing yourself


ending: You are a flow of exotic whispers,
you are silver rays, I'd fall for the games you play
you are silver rays

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