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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: A love I've never known. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I never know what I need,
but I'm aware of all I want,
it's all in you,
you carry it so heavy in your heart
don't wake me up from your frail mind,
I've been trying to catch you,
I've been trying to hide you

You see what I can never find,
I hide myself in the dark from the demons on my skin,
I know your love shows through the arts of conversation,
I know you, I can control you

Chorus: Let me sleep, still and softly behind you
now I can run free, the only trouble I have ever known
was with you, now my life has been thrown
we spent our precious ways, it was just the start
they say some things don't always last,
take my heart so I can stay in your bed

Worry it walks, beside you
chasing your shadows as I walk through,
you stray from the corners in my mind,
you've no fear, but for the love you never felt
you are my only, my promising new start

the only true love I have ever been told,
are inside stories, but with you it's unknown
steal my heart away in these early days,
it's only the beginning, sink or we'll forever be swimming
take my heart so I can stay in your bed


ending: I can reach you,
I never have to leave you,
I don't need to stray from my dreams
when I'm forever still upon your bed
your heavy heart weighs down on my chest

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