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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Title: Wrapped up in us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Wrap my heart around your fingers,
you're destructive, in a beautiful way
chase my mind with your worries,
I'll make it better,
that's the only thing that I can promise

Pull me tighter, till I can't breathe
the atmosphere it leaves me so free,
you bury my soul with your eyes,
I've seen this pain before,
it will subside

and in replacement, of this love
I'll be hoping it's all enough,
because of you,
I listen

Chorus: Capture me, and my smile
I'll be around for a while but I can't promise that
I get easily attached to things I'll never have
but hold me close, hold me now, never let me go

Consistent fear plays upon your face,
the flaws you learnt to love they fade away
I made you have faith in yourself,
but only you can take that away

I've never be wise,
I never will be safe
but with you in my arms there's no better place,
because of you I have faith in myself
because of you I listen to no one else


ending; Wrap me up in soft words,
the fear between us separates our worlds,
you're a worrier, and I'm a paranoid person
but when we're together,
we're in constant raw emotions


  1. These are so lovely, do you compose music for them too? or just write lyrics?

    Alice x

  2. Thank you very much sweetheart! :-) I'm currently putting guitar chords to them and I really would like to record some (maybe with me singing, but I'm not a very good singer!)

    I'll check your blog out, thank you very much for your comment :) x