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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Strangers. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Foolish, my heart plays this game all too soon
you didn't speak the same, you've a different name
but you never walked too far away when silence filled the air,
this bitter night air, the realistic admiration of lonely, of you and I

stranger, I've seen you before many times
you've the eyes of parched dreams,
they say that I should know you,
but the seconds have gone past and the speech arrived too soon
you ran so far away from here,

chorus: stranger, once I was stumbled upon
half of you left as I came to my feet
my senses interrupt and my head keeps turning
my wishes I once showed you,
flooding in the bedroom, intrude
did you sleep at all? did you watch them enter?
I didn't play any games, I have no shame
I just let you fall, but you didn't call
and to your surprise I still stand so tall

I have loved you,
lost in the night air, mixed up with the emotions in the atmosphere
I swept up the broken conversation into a bowl of unrecognized interruptions
and our heads are turning, and my stomach full of butterflies hurling


ending: Stranger, I'll turn my back on you
I'll fall flat on your face, and tell me where should I go?
tell me what you lead you on? I loved you so
was it that Friday night, was it the voice of my head going under,
the submersion of toxic sources leave me with courage,
until the morning light burns bright

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