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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Title: She takes you home. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Come upstairs and I’ll
Show you the dark and deep thoughts that crawl inside my head
With my arms open wide,
I will show you everything which no other soul has met
And when our colours collide, we’ll distant our hearts so there’s no feelings left

You pull me open and I,
Lack my dignity as you hold me down
And just like dust I’m swept right off the ground,
Where your feet have left

Chorus: I’ll put you in a book forever,
You take my heart away,
I’ll put you in a book forever,
I’ll never let us fade away,
And hold my in your arms oh never,
Save that for a better day,
And wrap my tongue up in your words,
Love is just a game you like to play

And mon amis, I’d love you forever plus a day
Sometimes when you talk,
It feels like the silver screen,
But there’s no pause or rewind,
It’s time to leave this story,
Curtains closed, we watch ourselves unravel

And you’re truly at home,
Wherever she is,
Your steps are big bright lights of the cities she once called her own,
She’ll take you back, oh she won’t
There’s no remorse, no pause


I never keep promises that I would never say,
I’ll watch the words leave your mouth as you play your ways,
Your voice a bittersweet melody, leaving my body raw and my heart cold
Your voice a bittersweet melody, leaving my body worn and my heart old


Ending: And I’ll be watching you from the miles that we know,
It’s the end of our story, and the time has past for it to be told
We’d watch ourselves like we were on at the cinema

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