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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: One day I'll be (enough) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And this boy he has these eyes,
that could light up a thousand dark skies,
filled with a souls regret,
and this boy he has these eyes,
that could dry up a thousand tears

and let's admit it,
I'm never what you wanted,
and I know, that it's fulfilling to pretend
I'm below your standards, and never reaching your expectations
a body stitches entirely of flaws, with only my personality as any good intention

Chorus: And now we're just full of blank stares,
undesired regrets, and to run - oh I have
so drown me, and if you can
surround me, with everything we could have been
and isn't it great, to admit you're never worth anything
and how safe it is to feel safe
so drown me, if you can
in words you never meant, but always said

and one day I'll be enough,
when my body will forever lay,
all I desired was your warmth,
a moment I could save,
and one day I'll be enough
to be placed above your shame

and a constant knot is set deep inside me,
the worry I wear it walks beside me,
and how long have you known?
how much would you bet? that if I tried hard enough
I'd become all that you love


I wish I could disappear,
get away from all of these living fears,
I'm coming undone, so stay tonight
I promise that I'll make things right,
and without you near, I don't think I can open my eyes

ending: And how would I feel?
to finally fulfill my old and empty heart?
how did I end up this way?
a knot tied with consistent doubt and with lust
and how would it feel, to become enough?

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