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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Title: What you do to my head. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Demons in my mind, crawl within never leave my side
a distant sound, a silent call
you keep me waiting
and I doubt you'd fear the catch, you let me fall
slip through your fingers, a drug to ease it all

And I won't let go,
I can see you slipping through my fingers,
I can't hide from you anymore,
I won't let go

Chorus: A lingered touch, you're always with me
you've always promised you'd stay,
there's so much at stake,
I'm wandering around your room,
a naked body with a mind like a cage embedded with fools,
and I just can't hide, I won't let it go

I feel my mistakes at the breath of your voice,
I've never had so much regret, but for this everlasting moment
and you were the only one, who made my hate all I am
and you were the only one, who pulled me further from the sun

and all you do, is make me dream of you
and I'm falling down, when you're around
and you're the only one,
you're the only one
who can break this phase, I'm so wrapped up in


I know you are still the one,
and as my dress comes undone,
so do the words from your lips,
they fold away, at the sight of my hips
and you're the only one,
who can break the gentle moment we're so buried in
and that's all this is to me, the only thing

ending: Like a ghost, you haven't learnt how to let go
you'll disappear when I become strange once again,
and you're the only one who's managed to scratch beneath my skin,
and I've a lack of disappointment, just a face worn with shame

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