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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: A sensation of high. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I feel your waves, I hope you'd tell me I'm still light
I fall weak at without your knees, I feel your pain, a thousand lies
and with the wind in our sails, we could be feeling wonderfully right

I need that love, you've got that something that I only ever read about
I need your love, the stuff you always talk about, honey
a drug that eases my pain, you're forever on my mind, only a daydream away
and I feel the weight of a thousand knives, press heavy against my hearts strings
and we took ourselves like we always did, honey
I need that love, the stuff you always talk about

Chorus: You knew I'd need you,
but you never know how much,
the empty vessels that your eyes they carry,
buried underneath a bittersweet touch
and I'll put up a fight of verbal expressions,
I'll greet you once again, when the night is dark and when I feel cold

I can feel it, and I know you're not the same
when there's so little at stake, I'm stuck spinning around this room
there's only so much that these eyes can take,
I know that all that you're feeling and all that you are, is just fake
I keep on running and I now know why,
I'll say no, I won't let go

I feel your waves, I hope that I'm still light,
heavy in your arms never really felt that right,
your words so pure and innocent they cut all that I am,
slice through my flaws and you create a demon in disguise


I'm passionate, the one that you won't find
what you see I can't, what you dream I could never be
send me away, so I can become your idea of perfection
it'd take several ways, to ever gain your devotion

ending: I needed your something,
but your love was never consistent,
an abundance of loneliness pours through my veins
and I feel your ways, tell me I'm still high
the weight of a thousand knives leaves me feeling ever so light
a feeling that I never found with you

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