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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: I left my heart at your door. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I feel it linger in the air,
your soft touch fills the room with a different kind of light,
your glow it could light up any sky,
if I were brave enough to let you stay,
I'd watch as something deep inside of me tells me to leave

I remember how lovely you were,
a constant reminder shows in the scar upon my cheek,
the constant tear that falls whenever I am weak,
with you in close proximity, a symphony plays inside my foolish mind
it's getting dark but I've never seen you leave,
I'd stay here with you, with you
I'll stay here with you

Chorus: Don't you worry,
I'll stay here with you, with you
all those feelings we could compromise,
I'll keep staring at them as they enter the room,
if you want to fill my world with faith again,
sometimes people speak the wrong words,
but with your presence I have strong doubts of my love for you leaving from within

and if all I've got is here with you,
baby I'm pretty sure, that'll do
know that I will be here,
know that you will still be here,
say that you'll find everything you're looking for,
right here, I'll be right here

keep counting down the days,
where I can finally take you as you are,
you brought me happiness I'd never thought I'd find,
keep doing what you do, as beautiful as you are
inside these walls, we will fall, we will fall


and in the end, of all this pretending
we fall, and I keep on walking and running
in search of something more than I deserve,
the friendship, the years you've served
and we'll let ourselves fall over nothing less than who we were
when we became one

ending: I left my heart at your door,
a choice I'd never have any remorse over
and in the end of all this pretending,
we fall, we fall, we fall

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