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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: Right where you want me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We grasped so much,
and left it all,
I'm lost, but never alone so it seems
and how you move, with the tides
a delicate lover, a tender stride

And I heard you found piece of mind,
through your last desires,
that move around late at night,
and I've always been the fool that tries to please you,
everything you do I admire
a lack of wit and wisdom, a feeling I'll never perspire

Chorus: Take me with you when you go,
I've never been such a fool in love,
yet I'll never let you know,
we're part of the youth,
in constant fear of wasting time,
and we're speechless at the dead of night
wrapped up in another's body,
speechless, hoping for another word whispered from our lovers lips
and you've got me right where you want me

renegade, you've set your sights on all you believe,
I'm letting go, to see if you hold onto me,
I'm all ears, to gather these clues you've left behind,
why are you whispering? while the bones are falling
go easy on me, renegade
I can't help all I'm doing, all I'm feeling

go easy on me
your the first and the last person I'll lever lay my body down for,
hello again, where have you been?


and it's the power of not knowing,
the emotions your mind strays from, but your body is showing
and it's a little bit of me inside you

ending: I'm given the option,
to pass or look back at things I've missed,
if I look a little further, you look the same
and it's you, my renegade
a shameful love I've tried to keep away
and the problems they set on your face,
but no one can tell, a trauma in your hands

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