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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Title: Mon Amis. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If you try hard,
but your effort is unaccounted for, and you feel abused
just look at who you've become,
you were so ashamed at the way you feel,
all a result of the chaotic gestures I do

mixed signals, I'm somebody else
afraid of gaining, of losing you
afraid of love, letting my emotions run loose
I had been waiting for so long, but for the wrong people
and when you talk, mm
I'm the closest to feel how you do

Chorus: I wish that we could somehow pause this pain,
but this isn't love or fantasy, it's just a game
and now we switch to the girl, all alone
she's got a whole new glow, and it shines for her eyes only
there's a person who rhymes with her heart,
and she'll sit at the back, at the back of it all
she won't ever be pulled apart, apart by it all

And I'd love to be told,
I'm the one, the only one who knows what you do
the only one who really knows,
and I'd love to be loved,
the transition of us, us
and we both know where this story goes

we switch to the boy, standing tall
so tall for someone unsure,
he watches himself lose everything, it all


ending: And I'd hope for you, for your sake
you'll waste all your time loving a fool who don't love you,
you're all too familiar with the sensation of wrong,
I hope you don't mind, but I've found a new way to understand you
so I'll pack myself up away from you, away from the love that broke me apart

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