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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: Muddy song. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You flash your hungry smile at me,
the room turns silent and it's just me you see
your eyes speak of words I've never even heard
your hand moves so smoothly, freely like a lost trail
and I wink at you, you feel your legs shake
you blow a kiss back, and the time stops
pause, rewind

I'm not so confident, not in that way,
whereas every girl in this room wears their drink on their sleeve
with their mind on what's underneath your jeans
but it's me that you're after
and for that I think you're a fool

Chorus: So we dip into your bedroom,
the words cease as I watch the way you move,
I don't doubt for one second that you like me the way you do
and we slip into the covers, the covers of me and you
you know what you're doing far too well,
and I'm just a deer in your headlights that you swerved to dwell
and your thoughts are my worries as you like the way I move
and my worries are your thoughts, as I realize we're just brand new

And I look for a trace of something that you left,
I acted like I couldn't care less,
whilst my thoughts raced to the pavement,
I wanted to find you, I wanted to find last nights remains
and I look for a trace of any feeling that was left,
but I'm just the same as you,
we're both always hoping

echoes closely, electric
I've seen you in pictures, you're always turned away
I wanted to own your portraits, I wanted to have it
echoes closely, electric
the way you script your papers, makes me shiver so


ending: The way you moved made me shiver so,
and the lack of remorse over last night makes me doubt for any hope
you held my body like I was breathing my last word,
so tightly you lust me, and the echoes, so closely, electric

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