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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Title: Wrapped up. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Like a humming bird, you are
the elegance of your touch remains,
and the fresh air you bring lingers in my veins

Your body, the flaws
beauty comes from within your eyes,
and it's a devastating blow, from someone who seems to have it all
for something so delicate, your words burn within me, after you've left
I try but I can't forget

And under the stars is where our bodies should lay,
I'm going to set my sights, upon your all
and in the morning, we'll let our lifetime come undone
under the stars, under the stars
we'll explore one another's wilderness

Chorus: I've been waiting my whole youthful life,
for you to come and waste your time, in my unconditional constant space
I've got to bring you back, I've got to bring us back
so let the daylight shine away, and in the morning you became my riddle
we've let our lifetime come undone, we've stared straight into the sun
under the stars, under the stars

And don't be fooled when I say I miss you so,
and be so ashamed when your love doesn't live here anymore,
you were never constant, just a soul to fill my empty heart
promises weighed heavy on tongue, from the start of it all

We're treading water in the dead of the night,
and we're speechless, wrapped up in each other
and just speechless, holding hands undercover
and you've got me right where you want me
and it's a silver tide, rolls and washes over our sinful minds
and it's me you've got a hold of, inside of your mind


And you, you're so speechless
echoed movement reeks from your pores,
and I was waiting for a sign, but you never gave me anything
mixed signals, the day won't bring me light

and we're so wrapped up in another,
because you've got me right where you'd like me
but as a wise woman once told me,
you won't stay unless you treat them right

ending: And you, you're so speechless
wrapped up in us all
and so we fall, we break
we'll make the same mistakes
like we've always done
and you, you're so speechless,
we'll walk, intertwine
connected from the inside,
and it's always you
always you

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