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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Title: Closer. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Home's where your arms may meet me,
home's where your laid underneath me
and our skin it touches so light,
I'd fear for love but without you near nothing is ever right
your tender breath upon my gentle ears

the sweet sound you so smoothly whisper fills my heart with fear
and with you I'm so lonely but without you I am lost,
I've no idea what is better, because with you I'm home

You're clueless as to how you make me feel,
you've caught my heart and you're binding it in your reel,
you've taken everything from me but want me to give it my all
I can't gain a glance of pure emotion from your eyes, no matter how hard I try

Chorus: remember it's just you and me,
just realise, all of my lies and how sweetly you would talk to me
don't hold me back, it's my time to leave and I'm stuck inside your world, desperately
and I wish for you to hope, for sweeter love

Hold my body like no other before,
wrap your heart around my skin,
your breath and your touch leaves me so cut deep from within,
hold me like you've never learnt before,
wrap my body around your soul,
intertwine our lives in just a few words
and that's the way it should always be

I just want you closer, that's all
I just want you close, with me tonight


Wrap my last wish and just let me hold you,
there's no excuses except the time, and the time is in our favor
so unfold yourself around my warmth and trust each word I so subtly tell


ending: Your body next to mine,
and it's all fine, when you're closer, closer to me
your body next to mine, oh so sublime when you're closer,
closer to me

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