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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: Empty vessels. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Say that you'll stay for a while,
you don't have to say goodbye tonight,
say you'll be mine, just a little bit of your love
is worth any moment of your time

And it all begins with what if,
a creation sourced from your doubts,
an utter mutation of any sweet idea you've ever had,

you're no longer hiding in the corners of my imagination,
and I no longer follow you closely behind,
with you every touch is a mystery,
and every word is hidden behind a blind fools frustration
oh I wish I could run free, the only truth I have ever known
into you my life was never thrown

Chorus: And we're just two, marvelously ordinary individuals
seeking out the flaws we bury beneath our shameful skin,
and I'd like for you to wrap my heart around everything that you'll ever be,
a moment with you, the lingering touch of your kiss, the tender words you whisper
soak through my pours and leave nothing but a beautiful disaster
and we take our second chances, I still want you to stay
and we're just two, marvelously ordinary individuals

And there's just no other way,
but to lie, and love
lie next to your empty body,
and love everything you are

And you hurt me so,
and it's not so easy to see,
I've been gone far too long,
and expecting that you haven't changed one bit
and as this night keeps falling,
I don't want you, I need you


And the simple things, yes they worry me
they're so innocent,
and my hopes are oceans high,
but my eyes don't ever believe what they see,
give me something to believe,
someone to believe in

ending: And these white lies that you so delicately share,
it's a heart on the line, and it rests with your mind
please don't fade, please don't cry
because it's over, it's alright, it's the end of tonight

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