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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: And it falls back to you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Just look at who I've become,
you were so ashamed to be the one who makes me feel how I do,
you broke me, you mold me - into somebody else
you'd never leave me if I were anybody else

I fell strong in your arms,
I was fascinated by your light,
I had been waiting for so long,
and now I can't hide how I feel,
you were never home,
your body a basement to the feelings you left alone

Chorus: Now you're just a shadow in the corner of my eye,
a fragment of my imagination,
a love I wish I could of felt, the warmth I forever crave,
your arms, a sanctuary for my fragile heart

leave me to sleep, I've never been so gentle
I've feared your love,
a vulnerable chaos for someone so sure
you unfold me, leave me raw and like a dream to myself
but for you I was never anyone special,
just a picture upon your shelf


ending: Only you could pull me back to sanity,
I could of showed you the world through my own eyes,
and I did that and so much more,
you broke me, but you left me with myself

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