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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Anchor. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When will I find you, waiting so insignificantly
helpless to disaster, when will you see?
I breathe through my lungs, building up this inner toxicity
wasting my tender breath until the day is done, but you'll never wait for me

Where will I find you, when the sun goes down and the sky has no sight of me?
the shadows arrive, the shadows inside my mind leave no hope for me
where will I find you, if ever I do?
where will you be?

Will you promise to stay, would you ever like to be with me?
so much fear inside this mind, the weight of the world is enough for me to float
I'll push you aside, many a time just to test your availability
and when will the words from your lips show me you care,
will you give me those eyes, the roughness of your hands and the desirable stare?

Chorus: Hold me, down, anchor
share my weight with the ocean floor,
down here I will stay, here I'll remain for you
preserved in the water, a beautiful shape and state of mind
hold me, down, my anchor
I'm beautiful now, as beautiful as I'll ever be,
for a floating body
hold me, down, my anchor
down here I will stay, here I'll remain for you

When will you show me, what this is?
I believe the sight in your eyes, the essence of your mind
it lingers and loves the thought of me and you
When will you know me, when will you tell me
that there's no such thing as eternity, a failed estimate of you and your touch

forgive me, I'm oh so quiet
I'll bite down on my tongue until the sun gives into the sky
and do you really love someone? will the someone ever be me?
an insignificant other, that you so rarely see
or believe in


ending: I'll never be your favorite, push me in between these lines
the barriers we've made, created from the moments we used the covers to hide
you see what I see but listen when I want you to hear
I never thought I'd say this, but I don't ever want you near, again

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