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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Just another way to let you down. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

For you I could be a symphony,
a collaboration of all the things you forgot you adored,
but how am I to be aware of what your destructing eyes can see?
and you've got me in the tip of your tongue, unwillingly
the disaster has just begun, and this will be the afterglow
and when you feel the sudden pain will you tell me so?

and in the twilight, we'll look so beautiful
just bare bodies fighting off the light
I'll give it all up, just for you
to feel your kiss, the tenderness in your hands
and that's why I desire you, why you?
we're compatible through our unspoken imagination

chorus: we'll become a late night discussion,
a collection scars and bones on land, thrown together, grasping hands
we'll rise to the stories, rise above it all, together
we'll become an overnight sensation, teach the world that we exist
just another number on a list, we'll become
and moving forward, together, but I'm two steps behind
you'll forget about me soon, no trigger to remind you
and just another way to let you down, let you down
I'm just another way to disappoint you now, slowly

and you soothe my wounds with tender talk, tender talk of words full of affection
you fix me, repair me yet I'm still broken,
and wide open my body lays like the sun, for you
you try your hardest to see this through, but I'm the consistent difficulty that wears down, I lose

and in daylight we're always seen apart, but as soon as the night crawls across the sky
we pick out each others faults, flaws,
make a new world just for me and you


ending: And we'll become a late night discussion,
scars and bones on land, thrown together in a way no one can understand
you can only say you know if you've felt this too
and wide open my body lays like the sun, for you

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