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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: You always want more. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Lately it may take a while,
because the words they just won't come to my head
and is it fun that you desire? is it pain that your perspire?
they're both the same, felt until we're dead
and lately I've been losing you, holding you, craving you
but you're never close enough to fill this emptiness inside my heart
and I'll carry on, I'll just wait for you another day

yet all of me will always be true,
you're looking deeper, for somebody new
and I can't provide every one of your expectations
and this should be true, relying on our feelings
drag me in a new direction, to a better view
fill my perspective with doubts, I'll see the world how you want me to
yet all of me will always be true
every inch of my soul, just for you

Chorus: and you leave my body, you always want more
you hold what your hands just can't adore
and your actions speak louder than your words, but you've always been shy
hiding from the demons that linger in the corners of your tongue
you linger for the right moment, that you're forever waiting for
and you leave my body, you always want more
you hold what your sight and touch won't ever learn to adore

I'd apologise in a thousand lives, just to have you back once more
I'd say all the right things, and do what you want me to
a mentality that no one could ever seep through to your pores
I'd be everything you've ever looked for, better than the disappointment you've always had before


ending: it's been a while since I've seen you around,
and all of me will forever be waiting, forever be true
drag this, the both of us in a new direction
fill me with lies until I'm forced to become somebody new
somebody you'd learn to love too

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