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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Never Fine. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

All I ask of you, is to never never never let me down
it's all I want from you right now
the gentle touch you rarely provide
you leave me breathless, tongue tied
not often is a word spoken from my lips, held back with fear and dismissal
how do I know if you're the one?

I'm made entirely of faults, but there are good intentions
the love you feel from me isn't visible to the eye
I'm used to being so alone, I've tried
you throw my body around like you've held it before
but I'm not a stranger to your beautiful flaws

Chorus: Carry me home, it's getting so late
I've never tried to be yours,
carry me home, it's getting so late
oh if I could stay another night with you,
our bodies touch like shores to the oceans tide
I wish I could capture that look in your eyes,
those late night bedroom eyes of yours

I love how you don't mind if I gain or lose,
you're always there, no option to choose
remain you will, in my heart and body
the scars you give me, a constant reminder of our attraction

It's that look in your eyes, the look before you sleep
I don't even have to try, you'll always be pleasing me
it's the taste of your tongue after you speak such kind words
it's knowing your loved in that moment, for who you were


ending: Throw my body back into the ocean, sail with me until we're no longer broken
we'll never be fine, when we're apart
shake me up, pull me down when I'm all that you see, when everything's burnt to the ground
we'll never be fine, when we're apart

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