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Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: Give it away. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're a delightful recreant,
you hunt for innocence, when the sun gives into the shadows,
I let go, to see if you still hold me back,
I'm in doubt, of what is real
between the shapes I thought I knew, I saw you
a guilty face as pure as snow

and you're removed, away from anything that was ever close to you
and there's gold in the air when the night's long gone,
but your intoxicating stench comes off too strong,
I'll carry your body, carry your body home
lay you next to the demons from your past
those who stay when I'm gone

Chorus: I'm not giving anything away,
but my fondness for you has grown,
a struggle to push away, and I'll take what's left,
the warmth in your eyes, I'll breathe it in,
I move like an eagle, my heart soars and falls for you,
caramelised, this love isn't so sweet when I'm the one who no longer adore,
and there's no change here, we still remain so broken,
all day, I'll wait for those words that I long to hear spoken,
and I'm those days that you had forgotten

become my everlasting illuminati,
show me how to feel alive,
show me how to feel anything at all,
I set myself up, just for you to see me
all the able men are leaving,
and I need you, if only, to be superior and absurd
to rule my world

so somehow we're the same?
we cause people pain, I'll run after you in the dark
where you feel eternally free of all the problems created in the light


ending: And only somebody who's honestly absurd,
can rule my world, call me their girl, take my hand and let my fingers curl
and for you I could only ever dream of a thousand smiles that create the sheets we live in
and for you to want me, a fool I am for hoping

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