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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Make Me Feel. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

If friends is all we are, why are we the only people here?
you tell me everything that you're feeling, so I don't believe a single thing
but if I'm not the one, then why is it me you call when the moon waves to the sun that keeps our souls breathing?

it's a hazy afternoon, and I'm trying to survive you
the look from me to you across the room
borders indecent yet innocent
as subtle as the tide daily pulls the shore,
you curl your eyes, you've seen me before

Chorus: who's to say that today's not my day?
the spring in your stride, I want what you want
can you ever walk my way? do you want what I want?
somebody to hold my body underneath the innocent sheets
the sheets that were made by you and me
who's to say that I can't blend words into colours?
I want you to see me

I've constantly been disappointed, by being so humble,
 you're the living proof this isn't right for me
the toxic breath you let brush my neck,
you tell me we'll go far, but this is only for tonight

and if it feels so good, why doubt yourself
you're the clouds, the softness lingers in my head
are we too much alike? we know the answer, yet we've both so many questions

it takes practice, sitting here
with our eyes never turning away
we don't believe in a god
but we'll preach to him anyway
he said to listen, he said we're hopeful
when we walk, in the city nights
do we ever look up?


you make me feel, the consistency of the light in me
you make me feel so good
so please listen, I'll say
there isn't any way that we could pretend
that this feeling we're showing to one another isn't real
I'll give you more time, so please listen, I'll say
tell me what do you pray for? what do you believe in?
have the sun on your shoulder, the beam hits through your eyes
and that smile that no one else can offer
you make me feel so good


ending: lovers, believers
we're all liars
but carry such sweet souls
listen, I'll say once more
the fear transfers into unconditional lust
lust for your body, your mind, your all

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